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Uniquely designed step-lined hull, greatly reduces wave resistance and gives impeccable stability and cuts through waves like no other.


All of our deck options are beautifully crafted and add real luxury to your investment, speak with your personal boat designer to discuss the options best suited to you.

Center Console

You are quite literally in the driving seat here; our centre consoles have a vast array of hi-tech options available to you.


Using materials from France we can proudly say that our inflatable tubes are the best in the world , guaranteed! Read more on this below.



Our uniquely designed Step-lined hull has been created to optimize your speed and stability in all types of waters. You will appreciate our state of the art model when you compare our RIBs with other vessels who cannot offer this hugely advanced option – it is a real game changer that gives you an impeccably clean cut wave and reduces water resistance giving you the smoothest ride. Even when stationary, our impressive designed step-lined fiberglass hull reduces lateral movement to a bare minimum, giving you the most solid feel on water that you just won’t find on other craft!



Choose from:

  • Real Teak
  • Imitation Teak
  • EVA (Can be engraved with your boat Name)


You are in the driving seat in all areas here – Our centre console has a vast array of options, including, navigation equipment, VHF radio, switch panel, compass and gauges. You are in control of your budget and we fit your gadgets to your spec. Simple, and yet another reason why Orca Pro Marine is a stand out brand.



Our boats are all about comfort! We know that when travelling at speed, you want to feel relaxed and safe with the luxury of extra comfort options, Orca Pro Marine can offer you exactly that.

Many comfort options, such as seat cushions, retractable captains seat, csm soft handles, center console seat, plentiful under-seat storage, both Bow and Stern sundecks are as standard.



Using materials from the uk and France our tubes are made of the highest quality cms which is layered with neoprene and can last up two twice as long as the pvc tubes of our competitors. PVC also has the disadvantage of lacking flexibility and can become brittle unlike our tubes.

Because the tubes are layered they are incredibly tough and can withstand the harshest of treatments, weather (fading and ageing), chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Our tubes are the best in the world GUARANTEED.



The size of your chosen boat will determine the engine size we would recommend, for example, for our 26ft RIB we would recommend a maximum of 250hp however this can be achieved with twin engines if you prefer.

We work closely with an engine supplier and fitter who know our boats inside and out, and will give you the highest standards of workmanship and attention to detail.

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