Rib stands for “Rigid (hulled) Inflatable boat”.

The hull of the boat is made of fiberglass, so in many ways it is like a traditional boat.

The big benefit that Ribs have is that they are EXCEPTIONALLY rugged and stable (almost impossible to capsize under normal use) and they are virtually unsinkable, one of the many reasons why Ribs are the choice of coastguards, police, military and navy around the world.

The Hull is a composite design, which allows stability in rough seas, but also high speed in skinny water and lakes.

Correctly powered the hull is capable of achieving in excess of 50mph.

Ribs are very lightweight and most of the advantages span from this. 

  • They offer the power of a larger centre console in a smaller package 
  • They can manoeuvre in tight spaces at peak efficiency 
  • A lighter vessel will consume less fuel than a heavier one. 
  • A Rib is more stable in rough seas.
  • Very versatile and can offer you great enjoyment both in very shallow water and off shore too!
  • Ribs also come out on top when it comes to safety on the water.

Kept inflated it should last over 20 years.

(Note – We ONLY use CSM in the manufacture of our vessels, as PVC does not last anywhere near as long as CSM)

No. The rib does not rely on the tubes to float. In fact only a very small section of the tubes actually touch the water at the stern. 

The material we use for our tubes (CSM) is an extremely tough multi layered material, including laminated protective webbing inside the wall of the tubes.

To puncture this material takes enormous strength, and an extremely sharp knife.

Heavy-duty wear and tear will not puncture the skin.

The tubes are split into eight sections or compartments. Each one inflated individually. In the unlikely event that one section does get a puncture the remaining seven sections will still be fully inflated. 

The Rib has the hull of a normal fiberglass boat, and this is the floatation device.

Yes. Two 115hp engines are recommended on our 750 model. Please note that if you choose to have twin engines you will be unable to have the luxury swim plate. 

Yes. The step-lined hull makes them very versatile in shallow water and stable in rougher seas. Our rib is very lightweight which offers the driver more control and manoeuvrability.

Yes our ribs are excellent for lakes. They are very versatile and suit a wide range of conditions.

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