Your rib, your way.

At Orca Pro Marine we believe that we offer our customers the most unique and personalised experience available in the American leisure boat industry!

The way we do this is to offer a much more individual approach compared to mass-produced alternatives.

This includes being present at every stage of your investment journey!

Our phone lines are open to you 24/7 and your emails will always be replied to same day (we don’t do “Island time”, we do “On Time”)


If you have specific needs and preferences on how you would like your Rib to look and feel, then you are going to love ORCA PRO MARINE.

Your boat is created, designed, and built with every single detail approved by you.


On your first meeting with our team, we will talk you through all the available options. This will include the size of the RIB you are interested in, the color, the style and material of your deck, your navigation preferences, whether you want a table, a toilet, a ski pole! The choice is endless…

From here, we take care of the rest.

We will give you updates from our factory on lead times and we will even deliver your boat to you if required.

Sound good?

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